Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies that evaluate the effectiveness of drugs or treatment routines. Our goal is to give patients the opportunity to participate in approved and exploratory therapies without long-distance travel.

At The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, we have proudly participated in new and exciting drug development over the years, and have helped bring many of our best drugs to market to be available to all patients treatment benefit. We regularly perform more than 300 clinical trials on new and developing new therapies and diagnostic devices and techniques for cancer and diseases. These trials are carefully controlled to ensure patient safety as well as informed consent. Consider taking part in the development of future treatments by enrolling in a clinical trial today.

Why participate in clinical trials?

Clinical trials are designed to evaluate the effectiveness of new treatment interventions. The objective of these clinical trials is to test new therapies in patients who have cancer. Patients participate in clinical trials for several reasons, including:

Patients who participate in clinical trials receive either a promising new treatment or the best available conventional treatment. If a new treatment option is proven to work, patients who are participating in the clinical trial will be among the first to benefit. While there is no guarantee that any treatment will be successful, clinical trials have been proven to offer some of the most effective cancer treatments currently available today.

Our clinical trials