At The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, we focus beyond the medicine to strengthen the mind and body. Our wellness program reaffirms our commitment to providing high quality, personalized and comprehensive care under one roof. Our approach to wellness care is to offer safe, evidence-based opportunities, education and resources to patients.

Nutrition Counseling

Balanced nutrition is a very important part of cancer treatment, as well as survivorship and prevention. Despite the changes that can occur during cancer treatment that affect appetite and taste buds, our goal is for patients to maintain a diet with a wide variety of whole foods. Our nutritional consultations can assist in meeting that goal.

Our registered dietitian offers counseling on choosing the right foods to stay healthy and strong during cancer treatments. Also, providing personalized nutrition plans for each patient to help with faster recovery, better tolerance of treatment-related side effects, lower infection risk and higher quality of life with more strength and energy.